Monday, 8 May 2017

Wax Pattern Injection & First Stage Pattern Inspection

Wax is injected into the mould under pressure so as to form a defect free wax pattern which is an exact replica of the part to be made. The patterns are also inspected for defects which may show up later on finished goods. Defective patterns are not repaired but discarded.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

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Welcome - Trident Investment Castings

Investment castings are the designers dream. Thin walls, better finishes and internal cores or passages are possible. These castings are frequently produced from a few grams onward to several hundred kilograms. Majority of the parts are in the smaller category.
Trident Steels produces investment castings to exacting standards. We manufacture investment castings in various grades of Carbon steels, Stainless steels & Copper alloys including Nickel Silvers. The parts we cast are with excellent surfaces finish, with good aesthetics & close tolerances. We have a modern plant & have machinery to produce quality investment castings. We encourage our staff, who are our strength, to give their best. This is why we have the reputation as manufacturers of quality investment castin

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